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Introduction to Microgravity
Tutorial on Microgravity Research

Welcome to the apex of                     
      information on microgravity.

Mission: is to provide information and tools for the advancement of research, commercialization and education on microgravity and related fields.

Who: is for and by the community of:

  • engineers,
  • scientists,
  • educators,
  • students,
  • businesspeople, and
  • others

who wish to capitalize on the phenomena of microgravity to advance the Human Race.

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                spacewalk, microgravity, weightlessness, microg, micro gravity, micro g, 
                zerog, zerogravity, zero g, zero gravity, space suit, space suite, ISS, 
                International Space Station, NASA, ESA

How: is an interactive and dynamic website to provide:

  • educational and reference materials,
  • forums for: questions and answers,
  • forums for: discussions and postings of research and educational projects,
  • news on NASA, European Space Agency, and other government space work,
  • news on the private sector's space work,
  • markets for products and services related to microgravity, space, research and education.