Introduction to Microgravity
Tutorial on Microgravity Research

Tutorial on Microgravity Research

page 5: Specific Areas of Microgravity Research

It has been estimated that the impact of ZBLan on the US economy could be as much as $8 billion annually. Estimated worldwide annual revenues for selected applications of the ZBLan are as follows:

  • Spectroscopy $15 Million
  • Laser Surgery $25 Million
  • Imaging Fiber Bundle $15 Million
  • Telecommunications $7500 Million

Source: Kessler Market Intelligence, Newport, RI

Ceramic Bone

Synthesis of Porous NiTi Materials for Filters and Bone Replacement Components for human bone replacement. According to statistics, tissue technology or "Osteobiologics", is one of the fastest-growing markets in orthopedics. In the United States, the potential market for allograft and synthetic bone fillers is approximately $570 million and growing according to Bank of America - Robertson Stephens and Techvest, LLC and estimates based on U.S. Census Bureau. A ceramic-metal composite is one possible bone replacement, that unlike many conventional therapies, is highly porous, allowing nerves, blood vessels, and even bone to grow through and around it. Synthesis of this product would be based upon Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) reactions.

More than sixty percent of the estimated 575,000 bone graft procedures performed each year in the U.S. involve the use of autograft tissue derived directly from the patient, often the iliac crest (hip), in a second surgical procedure that would not be necessary when this industry is developed. By using synthetic bone significant benefits can be achieved reducing the need for the second procedure, thereby eliminating patient discomfort, recuperation and rehabilitation time, hospital stay, and costs associated with the surgery.